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Selecting the Right Music for Your Wedding


A wedding reception is a time to celebrate the love between you and your fiancé that will last a lifetime. The perfect way to do this is through dancing. Dancing lightens the mood and makes for an enjoyable evening. But remember, to have a successful dance you need to have the right music. Choose music that you and your fiancé enjoy and something that the guests will feel comfortable dancing to.


The music that you play throughout the entire reception, whether or not you dance, will set the tone of the event. As a rule of thumb, most couples play soft, slow music at the beginning of the reception to set a light mood. While guests are eating or after they have eaten, pick up the tempo. This will encourage dancing to really start the celebration. When it is time for the reception to be ending, slow down the music again; this will be a clue to the guests that it will end soon.


When preparing a playlist, try to compile a variety of music styles. Since this is your day, include your and your fiancé's favorite songs. A well-rounded mix will include styles such as jazz, classical, oldies, country, swing, and rock and roll. Review the playlist with the bandleader or DJ. If you are stuck on what to play, consult the bandleader and DJ. They will have more experience with weddings and will be able to tell you popular weddings songs. They might even already have a playlist that you can review and use if you prefer.


When hiring a DJ, you shouldn't have to worry about the amount or selection of music he or she has. This is something you might consider though when hiring a live band. You will need to make sure that the band can play any type of music that you want played, although if you are working with a band that is experienced at playing for weddings, this shouldn't be a huge problem.


Coordinate with your DJ or live band when you will cut the cake, throw the bouquet and garter, and dance to the first song. This way they will know when to stop and start the music. Some DJs and bandleaders will even double as Master of Ceremonies for you. Before hiring a DJ, make an appointment to talk with them, try to listen to them perform somewhere else so you can get an idea of what they will do at your reception.

Also, know what kind of sound system the DJ uses or if there is already a system he or she can use at your reception location.


Many couples prefer to hire both a DJ and a live band, alternating them during the festivities. This will give them each time to rest and also enjoy the night, although DJs won't need as many breaks as a live band. Remember to add these professionals onto the list of who is eating for the caterers; these people will also need to eat and drink during the event.


However you decide to do the music at your wedding and reception, it will make for a great event. Background music sets a nice tone and encourages guests to mingle and chat. Louder, faster music will get the dancing started right away. Either way, you, your loved one, and your guests will have a great time.

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