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Every person has a vision of the perfect Lake Tahoe

wedding or event. We will make your vision become reality and plan the event to your heart's desire.


The Most Fantastic Lake Tahoe Weddings

Our Services


We offer the following services for Lake Tahoe weddings: ceremony site selection, professional photography, professional videography, beautiful wedding flowers, romantic wedding ceremony packages, professional wedding planning and coordination and MORE!


Our excellent expertise and know-how can bring together a romantic and beautiful wedding day to remember!


Visit Our Services page to learn more.

Wedding Articles

What Time of Year is Best for Your Wedding?

If you haven't already decided on when you'd like to get married, consider first the different months and seasons of the year. Each month has its own qualities that can give your wedding a special tone. Continue Reading...

Lake Tahoe Wedding Venue
Lake Tahoe Wedding Venues

Beautiful Sunsets

Lake Tahoe is undeniably one of the most beautiful locations in the world to watch the sunrise and sunset. From the surrounding mountain peaks, vivid blue water and unobstructed views you are sure to capture stunning wedding photos anywhere on the lake. For more Lake Tahoe sunsets visit our Pinterest page. 

Wedding Etiquette, Notes or Not

Having a wedding will mostly be all about you and your special love, yet you need to remember some etiquette rules that apply to your guests. The better you treat your guests, the more likely they are to enjoy your wedding and think of you in a positive light.


Wedding invitations should be mailed out six weeks prior to the wedding day, unless friends or relatives need to fly in from out of town. Then the invitation should be mailed eight to ten weeks in advance to give your guests time to make travel and hotel arrangements. Continue Reading...

Selecting the Right Music for Your Wedding

A wedding reception is a time to celebrate the love between you and your fiancé that will last a lifetime. The perfect way to do this is through dancing. Dancing lightens the mood and makes for an enjoyable evening. But remember, to have a successful dance you need to have the right music. Choose music that you and your fiancé enjoy and something that the guests will feel comfortable dancing to. Continue Reading...

Lake Tahoe Wedding Venues

Engagement Season and When to Book Your Wedding?

As many of you might have realized with all your friends’ Facebook posts, tweets, Instagram photos and the lot, we are in the midst of engagement season! The season generally runs from Thanksgiving through Valentine’s Day since an engagement ring is one of the best presents of all. The busiest time of that season is in January. Everyone is recovered from the holidays and excited to start the wedding planning process. We talk to tons of brides and grooms during this time trying to find the best package for them. We believe that no two couples are the same, so each conversation is different. Continue Reading...

Lake Tahoe Wedding Venues
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